My top 6 best fashion trends of 2017: Featuring Queens that slayed in them.

Hello Queens!
Let’s discuss the fashion trends that won my heart in 2017 and also the heart of many people, you couldn’t step out of your house without seeing one or two queens slay in them. Like I said in my last post(here) I certainly wasn’t fashion goals in 2017, and I am hoping 2018 will be a little bit better for me, but I fell in love with some fashion trends maybe not only because I thought they looked good on me but also on other queens I came across, I had at least two of each trend in my wardrobe, and for some I couldn’t go a week without having them on. So, I will be counting down from my last to my first favourite.

No 6

High slit dresses and skirts
I love this trend, I only got to wear it a few times though but I think I looked quite good in them when I did. When I saw it at first I thought it was perfectly made just for tall girls with really long thin and sexy legs😊 so I looked away, but I had to get one a night to my yearly departmental dinner when I realised I had nothing to wear and it was my only choice, sincerely I’m happy it happened that way. I wore my pink high slit skirt confidently with a black sleeveless top, it looked very simple and cute for the occasion.


Body con dresses
This was like my everyday wear, for lectures, outings and sometimes when I needed something simple and classy to church. They came in different styles, turtle neck, cold shoulders, off shoulders, V-neck and I loved it in every way it came.

This is @_mahream queening in her cold shoulder cut black body con gown and we’re absolutely loving it.

No 4

High neck cami tops/dresses
This is one sexy, nice, stress free kind of top or dress, it looks good on its own and if you want to go official it goes beautifully well with a bolero or Jean jacket. I had more of the gowns and just put it on for lectures with a bolero.

No 3

Palazzo trousers
Just like the high slit skirts, I thought this was going to go so well on only non tall girls but I got one and it looked wonderful on me (for real), mine was printed so getting a top to wear with it was very easy, I just needed a plain top to compliment it.

That’s my baby @fehyi_joy killing 5 birds with 1 stone in an off shoulder top and palazzo pants.

No 2

Cold shoulder tops
The beginning of last year, my friend introduced us to using oil to make our skin glow, but I took her advise with joy on the days I knew I was wearing my cold shoulder cut dress or top😆, you’ll see my shoulder practically glittering, I am just trying to describe how cute and good I felt in it, I could wear it for lectures and outings too and It always looked nice in pictures.

Another slay queen @rhuona that rocked this beautiful cold shoulder cut top with a printed skirt looking too lovely

NO 1

Off shoulder
My favourite, I see myself being 60 years still slaying with an off shoulder top and a pair of ripped jeans, sincerely, it’s a very good way to show a decent amount of skin perfectly. It looks good practically on anybody, especially when accompanied with the perfect neckpiece. I haven’t seen a girl who didn’t slay in an off shoulder top or gown. It’s very gorgeous and its going to continue trending for me personally for a while.

My baby princess_nwafor slaying in my best combo, an off shoulder and Jean trousers.

So, that’s it! I can’t wait to see what comes out of 2018, let’s slay in whatever we love this year. Also, what do you think, what fashion trend(s) had your heart in 2017, feel free to leave a comment and also subscribe to the blog.

Love you!

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