Make-up begginer: Getting the right and cheap products.

It is 4:35am and I’m listening to “The way I are” by Bebe Rexha ft LiL Wayne and I’m loving it, just finished a little bit of reading so its time to work on my second love. This is the longest I have gone without posting on the blog, I kind of feel bad but at the same time it’s exactly not my fault since I am preparing for exams, anyway, I’m doing it now and that makes me feel better.

I started my make up journey late last year, and apart from learning the art itself, I was also very confused about good products that could also match my purse. Like a good powder foundation and if I actually needed a brush set, all these things really got me confused. So I’ll be talking briefly about how I tackled my problems.

I did some browsing that’s one and I asked questions, so here are the most important and basic things I needed first to start my make-up journey,

  • An eyebrow pencil
  • A compact face powder
  • Foundation
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A brush set
  • Concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Face primer
  • Eye shadow palette

Then for my purse, I went for relatively cheap products that were good too

Eye pencil: #500 while MAC eye pencil is #1500
I went for “classic foundation” it’s very good and cheap too about #2500
Milani Powder: presently it’s about #3500
Concealer (L.A. Girl Pro): I don’t need to say how good it is, #2500


Eyeliner: MAC #1000
Lip stains: Classic mostly #500
Face primer: L.A. Girl pro #2500
Brush Set: Got it during Black Friday for about #3000, but it’s about #5000 and I actually don’t know the brand name.

I really don’t like Mascara, it always finds its way into my eyes when it gets dry so I pick eyeliner instead and save the money for it, but if you really like Mascara, you should certainly get it.

For the brush set, I was very sceptical about it sincerely, I thought about getting single brushes that i thought I needed like the blush brush , fan brush and the powder brush but I later changed my mind and I’m so happy I got the brush set, I usually not aware that I’m using all the brushes and I also have more brushes to experiment with.

A face primer, quite necessary if you have an oily face like me.

Eyeshadow pallets, okay, sincerely I didn’t get an eyeshadow palette for financial reasons and I’ll say it’s importance depends on if you’re actually interested in applying it with your makeup.

Do what works for you that’s no.1 others can come after. These are just basic products by the way, there are others i’ll be discussing to later and a quick advice one of my friends always gave me “Dont buy so many products at once, take your time” and it really helped.


Hi! I’m Ale Oluwabusolami, you can call me Busola😊. I am a proud Nigerian and Yoruba girl, also quite privileged to be a physician in training. Probably not important but I am proudly dark skinned😊, I’m a big foodie, starting with shawarma and Ice-cream(yes! They deserve some highlight). I love shoes, I love travelling, I love adventure, My friends tell me I talk too much, I love my happy mood, I love surprises, I love romance, I love mystery, I love life generally and I love learning more everyday about it, I love beautiful places, they speak to my soul, other things responsible for that are music and quotes! I love my friends and family so much, finally, I love God. Basically, I’m just an average girl with an ambitious life, looking forward to an awesome one too. This is my little way of projecting those crazy things that go on in my head and I really hope that with time you will understand what exactly I am trying to say and do and it will be of great help to us. Yes! I am actually a queen, not in the royal concept though (I wish 😊), mine is way better, I queen in everything and I am not the only one, there's like a billion of us.❤

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