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It’s almost year ending, and I haven’t achieved half of what I set out to, my hair is a mess, my fashion sense is still very questionable, I practically didn’t learn much and the most saddening of all for me… I “abandoned” my blog, my one little space on earth!. I’d say it has been a rough couple of months but all these so I could achieve one thing.

What I dread more than being a medical student is admitting that I actually love being one (don’t ask me why😑) and this ultimately comes with a lot of sacrifices, most especially my time which I had to give a lot of lately.

So, lets say I had a “medical student crisis”, I had to pass my promotional exam, and it was so difficult for me coupled with the fact that I had really poor grades I had to make up for, which were infact very essential in the final exams plus I had to settle to know and learn a lot of what I was being taught which is kind of more important than passing exams in the long run! No one wants a doctor who just passed exams, you have to know what you are doing and why you’re doing it.

Short story:
It was crazy, I read like my life depended on it but I was never alone, my friends were there and we all did it together and we succeeded together! And I think that’s one of life’s beauties.

I really wanted to blog and focus on school at the same time but I had to give up this not because it wasn’t possible but because that was what was best for me and I guess I learnt one thing…Sacrifice…and for the first time in my entire life (forget how short) I consciously gave up something for another. And I am more than happy to say it all worked out, even better than I expected, it was worth it.
I’d love to write more, but I want to make this post as short as possible since it’s the first after a long time.

PS: A scary picture of me, during my exams.
Me after my first promotional exam(2016)

Looking forward to making more dreams come through!

Hi! I’m Ale Oluwabusolami, you can call me Busola😊. I am a proud Nigerian and Yoruba girl, also quite privileged to be a physician in training. Probably not important but I am proudly dark skinned😊, I’m a big foodie, starting with shawarma and Ice-cream(yes! They deserve some highlight). I love shoes, I love travelling, I love adventure, My friends tell me I talk too much, I love my happy mood, I love surprises, I love romance, I love mystery, I love life generally and I love learning more everyday about it, I love beautiful places, they speak to my soul, other things responsible for that are music and quotes! I love my friends and family so much, finally, I love God. Basically, I’m just an average girl with an ambitious life, looking forward to an awesome one too. This is my little way of projecting those crazy things that go on in my head and I really hope that with time you will understand what exactly I am trying to say and do and it will be of great help to us. Yes! I am actually a queen, not in the royal concept though (I wish 😊), mine is way better, I queen in everything and I am not the only one, there's like a billion of us.❤

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