Give “yellow” a try.

Let’s pretend we’re having a nice conversation, then you decide to ask me my worst colours, I’d reply you without even thinking “YELLOW and GREEN!”…..on a serious note, those were actually my two worst colours, Yellow I’d say because it’s too bright, and it’s kind of really selective when it comes to accessories(shoe and bag mostly) for me though.

I actually really love dark shades of colours, like dark purple, wine, black(of course). Honestly, I used to believe they went better with my skin colour and they were very simple and spicing things up with accessories came without stress (but why do simple really?), then green… I actually have no specific reason, I just don’t feel it. Anyway, lets put those in the past because there’s a new me😊, and the new me still doesn’t love yellow as much but wants to start engaging in some yellow businesses.

Now I looked around a little for tips that could make you want to pick up and wear that yellow dress, top, or skirt, and accessory the next time you see it.

There is absolutely no problem going full yellow!:

Okay, the thing is I’m actually serious about yellow being a really bright/bold colour (who’s with me?!) but let’s look at the brighter side of it, you can wear all yellow without having to stress yourself looking for matching accessories, a full yellow gown actually does everything you need for you, you can slay with a yellow gown with a nude or black shoe, and if you want to go a little extra maybe purple and I’d do wine too with very minimal jewellery, silver most preferably(I love silver jewelleries!!!)
YELLOW Is bold.

Yellow gown with red shoes!!!

As a top or skirt:

Let’s just say, you’re still not okay with all yellow, your yellow top will go with black (of course), a navy blue pant, or army green and OMG, how heavenly will it look on white pants/skirts😍😍😍, so lets say you’re going official, you can decide to put on a neutral coloured blazer to spice things up.

Neutral colours look lovely with yellow


Going printed?

You probably went to the boutique and fell in love with a printed yellow top or pant, you can wear that with neutral colours again or you can decide to pick a shade out of those on your top or pant to go with it.


This is more challenging and it takes a lot of courage to wear colours contrasting with yellow, but what is life without going a little wild from time to time.

Taking things to another level,
  • Yellow with pink, isn’t such a bad idea trust me. You get this brave and chic look, it could be pink shoes, jewellery etc. It may feel not normal but we don’t do normal things to make statements😜

  • Yellow with purple: splendid combo, trust me!
  • Yellow with blue: beauty!
  • Yellow with turquoise!
    And lastly,
  • Yellow and army green will make a “statement making” kind of combo

There are other combos, try yours out and slay in it. Hope you had fun reading this, cos I had so much fun writing and getting to know more about yellow and other colours, i learnt so much in the process and I’m taking my colour combo to the next level, comment if you’re with me!😀
Love you!

Hi! I’m Ale Oluwabusolami, you can call me Busola😊. I am a proud Nigerian and Yoruba girl, also quite privileged to be a physician in training. Probably not important but I am proudly dark skinned😊, I’m a big foodie, starting with shawarma and Ice-cream(yes! They deserve some highlight). I love shoes, I love travelling, I love adventure, My friends tell me I talk too much, I love my happy mood, I love surprises, I love romance, I love mystery, I love life generally and I love learning more everyday about it, I love beautiful places, they speak to my soul, other things responsible for that are music and quotes! I love my friends and family so much, finally, I love God. Basically, I’m just an average girl with an ambitious life, looking forward to an awesome one too. This is my little way of projecting those crazy things that go on in my head and I really hope that with time you will understand what exactly I am trying to say and do and it will be of great help to us. Yes! I am actually a queen, not in the royal concept though (I wish 😊), mine is way better, I queen in everything and I am not the only one, there's like a billion of us.❤


  1. Am not a fan of yellow. But we just made me love yellow.. I guess i will love to ask you which yellow and other colour i will ask my sister to use in most of her school outing

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