Am I a feminist? or just a noise maker?

So, I remember this one time, when one of Nigeria’s famous feminist went on to ask one of USA top female politicians why she had “wife” on her Twitter bio. It broke the internet and sincerely to me, the “advocacy for female rights” was dragged to the ground.
It’s sad that so many women are still living in bondage in the name of “feminism”. I say this because so many women believe you’re not part of the movement until you’re contending with a male for a position, or screaming “girl power!” up and down😪.

If you didn’t know before, know it today that the foundation of feminism is PURPOSE. What was God thinking about when he created you?!

My dear Queen🙂,
What do you believe you were made to do?
What do you love and enjoy doing?
What problem do you feel you can be a solution to?
What are you drawn to? please don’t say money, I’m drawn to that too😏
What are your aspirations?

Your first and major aim should be to find your “PURPOSE” and work towards bringing it to life. Is it politics, business, house wife, a career? Whatever it maybe! Work towards it, towards its accomplishment.

When do you become a confirmed feminist and not just a noise maker?
Simple, from the moment you choose purpose and fulfilment over fear, laziness, procrastination and most importantly people trying to stop you; the naysayers, they could be male or female, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a male. The day you choose and decide to stand up for yourself and believe in the power of your dreams, you win!
Many women are getting shamed for purposefully or intentionally living under the shadow of their husbands when there are women who feel like their major assignment is to serve their husband and children to success.

Many people do not understand the purpose of feminism itself, some do not know! And one beautiful truth is, when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Meaning, people will take it for granted. Therefore,
What is the purpose of this movement everyone’s shouting about?

To bring liberty: 

No bondage, no rules to reaching fulfilment, liberty to make your own decisions and liberty to execute your plans, liberty to live the way you want to, all these in the absence of judgement.

Let her man open the door for her to walk through, if that’s what she wants, doesn’t make her less of a woman or a human being.

To establish equality:

Every human being is equal, even Adam said to Eve after God made her “the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh” this statement indicates likeness, no difference from head to toe. Therefore, in our creators eye we’re all the same, so who are we to contend.

To give support:

Women supporting each other irrespective of our differences and respecting each other’s decisions and chosen path.

We can’t move from bondage to bondage neither is our battle against the male gender, you don’t fight for what already is in your possession instead use it to get what you want.

I hope you gained something from reading this… feel free to contribute in the comment section!

Love always.

Hi! I’m Ale Oluwabusolami, you can call me Busola😊. I am a proud Nigerian and Yoruba girl, also quite privileged to be a physician in training. Probably not important but I am proudly dark skinned😊, I’m a big foodie, starting with shawarma and Ice-cream(yes! They deserve some highlight). I love shoes, I love travelling, I love adventure, My friends tell me I talk too much, I love my happy mood, I love surprises, I love romance, I love mystery, I love life generally and I love learning more everyday about it, I love beautiful places, they speak to my soul, other things responsible for that are music and quotes! I love my friends and family so much, finally, I love God. Basically, I’m just an average girl with an ambitious life, looking forward to an awesome one too. This is my little way of projecting those crazy things that go on in my head and I really hope that with time you will understand what exactly I am trying to say and do and it will be of great help to us. Yes! I am actually a queen, not in the royal concept though (I wish 😊), mine is way better, I queen in everything and I am not the only one, there's like a billion of us.❤

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