Dating a bearded guy?…

So there’s this babe I know, she dated this guy who she claimed was so obsessed with his beards, that it even took the beauty away from it, he was all about the beard cream, weekly carving etc. Let’s just say I don’t understand why and there’s probably some good explanation for it, Has anyone else been in this type of situation before?

Queen, I am very sure you know by now that the bearded guy Is the guy in vogue and when you are imagining your dream man (if you don’t have one already) you most likely will give him a beard, do you know why? Someone I know always says it’s because bearded guys are the popping (shit) guys☺, there is no intention here to discriminate queens dating guys or have brothers who don’t keep beards sincerely, I’m sure they’re awesome and “honey looking”.
This post isn’t going be praising bearded guys either or advertising that they will make better boyfriends, partners or husbands, lets just get a picture of what dating a bearded guy feels like because personally I think its equivalent to a lady keeping body hair and guys usually have one or two things to say about that.
Actually, I haven’t dated a bearded guy before, hopefully I’m not alone because many guys are in the beard gang, any way I sometimes imagine dating one, who’s with me?! (Okay, no one😕)

So since I am a big novice in this aspect I started asking some really weird questions. I started by asking if it made any difference in any way, if there were no beards would something have been a little different?
Some queens said beards make their bae look more mature- well I’m certain you know beards don’t guarantee maturity or in the Nigerian language “sense”, but it’s probably a good cosmetic for guys giving that independent and mature look.
Some queens said it was fun to play with,-okay this may start getting X-rated😀, (coughs), let’s just say I have no idea what they mean but thinking about it, it’s not so much of a bad idea to have something to wriggle your hands around other than some other things☺. Some said it’s comforting, just having it there to play with, seems nice.
Fortunately and Unfortunately, Not all the queens admire this one thing, now to the bad and unsexy part of it, some have a little problem with it because they feel left over food and saliva get caught up in it (seems gross right), so when some queens see their guys with beards that’s probably part or all of what they see.
Anyway, most people have no problem with the beard gang, if their guy wants to be a part of it or not, they really don’t mind, because to us queens there are a million things that come before him having a well kept beard, we will get to those things as we go on.
Feel free to comment on what you think about the beard gang, lastly, I am so excited, this is my first post in the relationship section but I think it’s very important for me to say that all my posts in this section will not be opinionated, I respect everybody’s view about any matter that will be discussed but at the same time we will always stand for the right things, for what will make us better women and what will influence us in the best ways possible, so feel free to comment anything you have in mind about any topic that will be discussed.

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