Call day bliss-“My first caeserean section experience!”


I was beyond blessed today and I didn’t see it coming, i woke up unusually early and just remained on my bed scrolling through instagram, i forgot it was my call day and I was to be in the hospital by 8:00am, but luckily I received a message that reminded me, I then slugishly got out of bed and did all the necessary things and skedaddled. I went with my scrubs(theatre wear) so I  hurriedly changed and got myself into the theatre and a surgery started almost immediately.

It was a caesarean section(delivery of a baby through surgical means), she had preeclampsia(hypertension in pregnancy ), I’m sorry if you get bored of these med terms😁, anyway, she had to deliver asap because it was becoming a threat to her so we got inside and the obstetricians started to “dig in” (not the proper phrase, but oh well😊), should I say I’m used to the whole cutting and incision process, so as a humble medical student I just stood there bored thinking of how long I was going to spend watching something I had watched a number of times but boo, things were about to turn around.

There are actually so many reasons why every individual should feel special, but I haven’t heard reasons like “the theatre turns upside down on your way out of your mama’s womb” I actually don’t know if it’s because it’s my first time, but I can’t say the doctors and nurses were faking their reactions, there was just this magical change of atmosphere the moment they spotted that cute little creature, and everyone was on their toes to make sure the baby was fine, sincerely I think if our little Angel was aware of what was happening inside that theatre, she won’t spend a day in her entire life thinking less of herself( it was a girl by the way). I shed a little tear as our angel was being pulled out of her mama’s womb and when she was finally brought out( i got emotional).

Maybe, just maybe God gave me the opportunity to take part in the resuscitation and later carry the baby in my arms after everything just because he knew i felt something there, maybe he was also trying to teach me something i will probably figure out later, i felt on cloud 9, it wasn’t even mine and I was beyond happy, little wonder women hear about the pain of childbirth and still go for it anyway, the end result is actually  way more than the pain.

There was another labour, this was per vaginum(natural labour), and it was exactly as it was in the first delivery the moment the little Angel was on her way out(another female, we’ve come to dominate!🙌), it confirmed everything. Child birth is a miracle, it’s magical and nothing on earth is compared to the feeling you get in that theatre, well maybe seeing your food coming to you after a long wait, that’s probably a close match for me.

Hi! I’m Ale Oluwabusolami, you can call me Busola😊. I am a proud Nigerian and Yoruba girl, also quite privileged to be a physician in training. Probably not important but I am proudly dark skinned😊, I’m a big foodie, starting with shawarma and Ice-cream(yes! They deserve some highlight). I love shoes, I love travelling, I love adventure, My friends tell me I talk too much, I love my happy mood, I love surprises, I love romance, I love mystery, I love life generally and I love learning more everyday about it, I love beautiful places, they speak to my soul, other things responsible for that are music and quotes! I love my friends and family so much, finally, I love God. Basically, I’m just an average girl with an ambitious life, looking forward to an awesome one too. This is my little way of projecting those crazy things that go on in my head and I really hope that with time you will understand what exactly I am trying to say and do and it will be of great help to us. Yes! I am actually a queen, not in the royal concept though (I wish 😊), mine is way better, I queen in everything and I am not the only one, there's like a billion of us.❤

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