Welcome to my little corner where I try to put out a little of my thoughts and the crazy things that go through my head. Just in case you are wondering what the name Arùwà Queen means, I will be explaining it in no time! Just so you know, I am trying very hard to make the best first impression in the history of first impressions on this blog but it’s not as easy as I thought.

So Queen, you made a good move by opening my blog to read and I am also saying thank you for checking it out and you are not going to regret it simply because this blog is all about you and I and our growth. On this platform we will be discussing, teaching and learning much about the female lifestyle, health, fashion, romance, empowerment, education and every other aspect we can think of, and most of all our growth. This is not to rule or prove that we are better than the other gender but to prove to ourselves we are way better than what we depict ourselves to be, individually and collectively.

I will be using this platform to express the thoughts, ideas of women and it’s going to be a reflection of our ability, confidence and resolution without hesistancy or fear of rejection or neglect. Personally, I have always loved and wanted to stand in on behalf of women to speak and project our minds on every aspect as loudly as we could be heard.

I feel young women, young girls too need to be heard more and our stories need to be told more often than normally. There is a lot of advocacy for young girls to come out to be who they want to be, but many of us do not know how or where to start from or the stories we see do not correlate with our circumstances.

I see many women act less that what they are made of, we all do from time to time anyway, hence my platform name Arùwà is of Yoruba origin which means Behaviour, and Arùwà Queen put together meaning Behaviour of a Queen.

In summary, I’m here to meet Queens, to share their stories and to encourage growth in any little way starting from me, to also project what the female gender is made of in diverse ways and in different aspects that concerns us.

Lastly, I stand for equality in every aspect of life irrespective of social, cultural, and religious differences. Every woman is unique and beautiful in their own special way and you should believe that you’re awesome as long as you’re good and doing the right thing. Hence, my first and most important rule BE YOURSELF. My top most wish/will is to one day see women stand as one in their individual unique differences and most importantly appreciating and loving these differences at the same time. I love you all already😙❤


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